Our Acts

Care4U Act of 2017

We understand how big of an issue homelessness and poverty is in the world which is why we are introducing The Care4U Act. This act will work to get the homeless off the streets and into a temporary home until they are able to find work and make a stable living for themselves. 

If a Law Enforcement Officer encounters anyone living off the streets, they will take them down to the local police station to provide them with some shelter and supplies until they can be given a ride to the nearest Care4U shelter. These shelters are dedicated houses located across the island monitored by live-in members of our team in which the homeless will be able to rest, wash and eat.

Anti-Corruption Act of 2017

We are aware of the fears and concerns that many of you have regarding corruption within Law Enforcement, the Government, etc. and want to let you know that we will not tolerate any form of corruption, mutiny or otherwise inappropriate behaviour within these organisations. 

To combat this issue, we have introduced the Anti-Corruption Act which will permit monthly checks on all officers and Government officials who appear suspicious and will terminate any on-going contracts with those individuals if necessary.

Immigration Act of 2017

The Immigration Act will work to tighten our borders by adding increased security and border patrol agents around the island.

All citizens of the island must own a valid and updated passport whilst all tourists and foreigners seeking work within the island must own a valid Visa and Work Permit.

Suicide Prevention Act of 2017

The Suicide Prevention Act will work to create government-funded community centres so that those suffering from mental health issues such as depressionself-harm and suicidal thoughts can have a place to go to for professional support and advice along with meeting others who may also be going through something similar as to what they are themselves. 

This can be an excellent first step for these people to get back up and on running again and can make new friendships lasting a lifetime.

Employment Opportunities Act of 2017

We know that finding the right career for you can be very difficult, however, what can be even more difficult is finding one with enough vacancies so that there's a higher chance of becoming successful in the application for the position.

To help make finding a job easier, we've created the Employment Opportunities Act which will create more job opportunities across the island in exchange for us giving the businesses some more attention and potentially more customers.

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