Are you a business owner looking for more ways to increase traffic flow to your organisation, hoping to increase sales?

By joining our Employment Opportunities program, we can help to promote your business on our website and help direct more potential customers in your direction. What do we expect in return? Not much. All we ask for is your support and to open up some extra job vacancies within your business to help us tackle unemployment on the island. In order for us to be able to help you, we must firstly be in a position where those opportunities become available and so, we need your help to get Brian Hamilton elected as Governor.

Interested in joining this excellent opportunity? Simply fill out the short form below and we'll reach out to you soon.

You can also check out what some of our partners say about the Employment Opportunities program below!

Green Side Sanitation Services

Here at Green Side Sanitation Services we highly support the Employment Opportunities program by constantly creating new job vacancies to help us tackle unemployment whilst also helping to clean up our island.


Invertus, the high-end fashion provider supports The Hamilton Party and the Employment Opportunities program. Unemployment is a big factor in everyday survival and everyone should be entitled to a job and an equal shot in life. Invertus will provide clothing and jobs to the citizens. The betterment of the people is a pride to assist.

Hawk Security Services LTD.

We at Hawk Security Services are proudly working with The Hamilton Party and participating in their Employment Opportunities Program, we think this scheme is a great way to promote work ethic and reduce unemployment within the island.


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