Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Something you're not quite sure about? Chances are that it's already been asked before so we have conveniently listed some of the most commonly asked questions so all you have to do is find it below.

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What is The Hamilton Party?

The Hamilton Party are a political party on Identity Island, lead by Party Leader, Brian Hamilton, whose main objective is to create a safer and more equal community for all citizens of the island.

The Hamilton Party is all about embracing diversity and change and ensuring that the island can remain a place for any and all law-abiding citizens and tourists, regardless of their ethnic origin, sexual orientation, background, religion or gender identity.

 What would your first actions be if elected?

If elected, we would first have to prioritise in regards to which we feel is most important for the public such as stabilising the general economy and setting the tax rate accordingly to ensure a fair and equal economy for all citizens. Once that is complete, it will allow us to plan out our other policies such as budget and funding increases for the Emergency Services and other government opportunities such as our Career Opportunity Act and our business affiliations.

We will also be working hard to tackle gender discrimination and promote LGBTQ+ rights within the island to ensure that all citizens are being treated fairly and equally.

Are you currently hiring?

Yes, we currently have positions available for our Public Relations, Advertisement and Security Teams.

Click Careers for more information.

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