General Economy

We believe that if you work hard then you should be paid accordingly. However, we strongly believe that more important, life-saving jobs such as those within Law Enforcement and elsewhere within the Emergency Services should be paid higher salaries.

Emergency Services

We understand the importance of the Emergency Services so we want to ensure that they are paid accordingly. We will also be increasing our budget to ensure that there are more jobs available within the Emergency Services.

Free Healthcare

Included as part of part of our tax policy, tax will help to cover the costs of medical bills and fees to ensure that all citizens of the island receive Free Healthcare.

Firearms & Weaponry

Updated: 01/11/2017

We understand how important owning a firearm is to you, which is why we have recently updated our policy regarding this. All firearms may only be sold to legal license holders. All law-abiding citizens who will meet the future joining requirements will have the right to apply for a gun licence and bear arms.

Competitive Payrolls

We believe that your payroll should be dependent on the quality of your work and how much time and effort you put into it, not what your sexual/gender identity, sexuality, race, religion, etc. is.

The harder you work, the more you should earn regardless of the job you do, although there will, of course, be jobs with higher salaries than others such as those within the Emergency Services.

Religion & Faith

We believe that everybody should have the right to practice their religions and faiths publicly so long as they do not practice any form of hate and do not cause any trouble within the community. We will fight to have more designated areas where people can practice and discuss their faiths openly and more importantly, safely. We also fully support multiculturalism and welcome people of all backgrounds.

Jobs & Business Owners

We know how difficult it can be for small business owners to have their companies kick off and be successful, so we want to change that to make it easier. Whilst doing this, we wish to "hit two birds with one stone" and provide more jobs for the unemployed which will also make recruitment easier for any recruiting organisations who are hiring.


Tax will be issued at 10% and will help to fund the Emergency Services and other important government jobs, along with our Employment Opportunities program. This will also help to cover the costs of healthcare and medical bills and fees to ensure your right to free healthcare.

LGBTQ+ Rights

We do and always will support the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and for all law-abiding citizens to be treated equally. This includes the rights regarding marriage, adoption, job recruitment, etc.

We also respect the right of the public to update their gender identity on public records at any given time with a 6-month delay between each change as we understand that one's gender identity may not always be the same as their biological sex. We also support the right for trans* citizens to transition via surgery.

Protesting & Parading

We respect your right to protest against things that you don't agree with and to have your opinion heard, so long as this is done peacefully, does not make too much noise or obstruct traffic in any way.

We also allow parading and public marching, however, this should be requested with the city council with due notice and must be accepted by the appropriate authority.

Medicinal Marijuana

We know how large and controversial the topic of marijuana usage is on the island and we know about both the dangers and benefits that usage of the drug can have which is why we have set forth the following policy:

Marijuana will be permitted to be used with an authorised medical staff's prescription and will only be given out for very limited cases whilst the policy is experimented. Any usage of the drug whilst unprescribed will result in legal action such as confiscation, jail time and additional charges such as fines where applicable.

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