Meet The Team

Party Leader - Brian Hamilton

Originally from Scotland, Brian moved to the United States at 18 years old in hope of starting a new life as he felt that there wasn't much left for him in Scotland other than family. He wanted to visit the U.S. in hope of seeing new things and finding new opportunities when he gained an interest in American politics and began studying it more and more until he eventually decided that he wanted to make a change in the community. 

That is when he created The Hamilton Party.

Public Relations Team - Nicolette Sans

Nicolette joined The Hamilton Party in early-September after taking up an interest in The Hamilton Party.

Head of Security - Sebastian Lives

Sebastian joined The Hamilton Party in late-August after taking up an interest in The Hamilton Party.

Security Team - Charles Sexton

Born and raised in Virgina, U.S, Charles became quickly interested in military and police roles throughout his home city of Washington D.C. He joined the local police force and later became an initiated member of the White House's private security team. Later on, he decided to resign there and moved to the island of Identity where he continues his protective work for VIP's and in his current task of protecting political figures. He currently is associated with The Hamilton Party's security detail and has no plans of retirement in the near future.

Political Strategist - Thomas Killah

Thomas, having previously been a previous supporter of the LPU, joined The Hamilton Party in early-November after taking up an interest in The Hamilton Party. His main roles within the party will be working with our Public Relations and Advertisements teams and gathering important intel for the party

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