Join The Team

Interested in a political-based role? If so, then come and join The Hamilton Party where we provide high-paying career and experience opportunities which you could be perfect for!

To get started, simply read some of the information on our available positions below and visit the appropriate application page by clicking on the golden-coloured text.

*Please note that as the island is not yet released, we are unable to provide current salaries/wages at this time.

Roles & Responsibilities

Public Relations - The Public Relations (PR) Team will be in front of the cameras, speaking to the public, answering questions regarding the Party and making official announcements for upcoming events.

Advertisement - The Advertisement Team are in charge of spreading the word and encouraging others to show their support for the party. They also help to promote new events and spread information to current supporters.

Security - The Security Team are tasked with working alongside Law Enforcement and our private security partners to ensure that our Staff remain fully protected by being posted at various posts around events such as Press Conferences and other public speaking events. 

They may also be tasked in travelling within the convoy to protect the Governor vehicle at all times whilst in a set formation.

Website Translator - The Website Translators are individuals who help to make our website available to our non-English-speaking supporters. 

Application Instructions

*Unless applying for the Website Translator position, please answer the questions whilst in a roleplaying state of mind.

*Questions which include the word "Personal" should be answered as yourself and not your character.

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